Brazilian Banjo!

John in Brazil writes:


Thanks for all you do. I gave up on guitar a few years ago because I didn’t understand what I was playing and became tab dependent. After a few months of your banjo lessons, I can pick up on chord progression and melody by ear. I figured I needed to finally send you a sound file to say thanks. And yes I sing even if I don’t make the banjo sound any better.
On a separate note, I’m in Brazil. This is virgin country for banjo it seems. People don’t know what make of it but love to jam along on the guitar. Se cuida!


The White House Blues MP3

Yogi Oki-Doki?

Yogi Oki-Doki is my name
A healthy mind and body is my game
I live out on the farm
Do yoga in a barn
I’m rooster than a goose Out in the rain
Come .. Play .. Yoga with me now !!
With how now the big moo cow!
Let me and Rasta show you how
It’s time .. for ee-ii-ee-ii yoga noww!

This showed up on Facebook. I’m speechless. I’ll let The Deadbeats express my feelings . . .

The Podcast That Needs A Name – Episode 8

Patrick and Dear Old Dad pay a visit to the lovely town of Nilbog. Also in this episode Patrick shares a ukulele workshop on Make Me A Pallet on the Floor, Dear Old Dad shares another Recipe of the Stars, two decks of cards, a song about Scotland Yard and the usual blend of good music, laughs and chaos.

Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

Stephan in Germany writes:

Dear Patrick ,

I just want to take the time and thank you and your Dad for teaching me the clawhammer Banjo style over the past 4 Years.

I followed your lessons from 1 to …. and had so many fun with it and the style you are teaching!

You changed my musical life forever! I play the guitar for over 30 Years but when I heard the first song from you on youtube,the foggy mountain breakdown, I was completely flashed. And i asked myself : How can that be so cool? So I bought a very cheap banjo, about 80€ and practiced every day . One year later I bought a better one, an epiphone, that I still play nearly every day.

People always get a wide open mouth when I play some tunes for them. You know, a Banjo isnt very often heard in my region. I believe I am the only banjo artist in my hometown.

Some people even know what a Banjo is. lol

Whenever they ask me how to learn playing on it, I say to them: Watch the Costello’s on youtube and listen carefully to them, then you will get an idea.
Again , thank you so much !

I have attached a little tune that I arranged these days with cubase. So drums, Piano and also the fiddle is played by myself with the keyboard. But my banjo is of course real and very inspired by you! The female voice is from my matey Stephanie ( I also do Rockabilly/Western with her and her husband Stephan(drums) ) the male voice is from a Chris (playing in another Band called RockShitHot).

Hope you enjoy it!

Love and peace from Germany!

PS:It is funny to play in a band with Stephan, Stephan and Stephanie,lol

Will The Circle Be Unbroken MP3

Sliding Nebraska

John in Scotland writes:

Hi Patrick,

Here’s another video from me :) This is the stripped down version of Nebraska that I’ve been playing around with. The sliding is basically what I’ve learned since tinkering around with your slide blues video. Having LOADS of fun exploring the great sounds I can get with a bit of glass :)

The song is a version of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska – one of the American Gothic / Country Death Songs that I love so much. As a Scot who’s never had the chance to visit the US, this sound defines America for me. The song’s really easy, once you twig that it leaps into D7 right from the off, then visits C and G. The melody notes just drop straight out of the chords.

As usual, many many thanks for putting me on this road :)