Blessings all around

Patrick Patrick, random observations

A dear friend recently gave me a wonderful aran sweater as a late Christmas present. It is warm as a big overcoat and as comfortable as an overstuffed chair. It is absolutely perfect for long walks in the winter woods. I love it and I don’t mind one bit when people start humming the Old Spice song or offer to …

The Daily Frail 2/6/13

Patrick banjo, Daily Frail, Patrick

A simple exercise to practice keeping a steady rhythm while playing pull-offs. MP3 Tab File Braille-Friendly Tab Obligatory YouTube Version:

Harmonica, harp and banjo

Patrick banjo, guitar, harmonica

Hi, Patrick. This is a message from Mallorca (Spain). I write these words in order to thank you for being yourself. Not only for providing me with a lot of funny hours of banjo learning for free but also with your fresh way of seeing things. All that i know, I’ve learned it from you during the last 4 years …