Crowd-sourcing Johnny Cash

Rather than answer this email myself, I thought I would post it here to encourage other German pickers to say howdy to one another – and I am curious to hear how all of you would tackle the solo in question.

God bless,

Tobias writes:

hey patrick,

hope you feel better.
Thank of your wonderfull Youtube tutorials and your books I play the Banjo half a year now and it works so good, wow. I can`t believe that I’m a Banjo Player and I’m one of only a few Frailers here in Germany. Last week my wife and a good friend met a small Pub in our Town and got our instruments with us, my wife with the mandoline and our friend with the Bodhran, because we played a little jam session at home, before. The Barkeeper invite us to play a few songs, we were very afraid about that but we did it and it works wonderfull, we played some irish classics and I played solo some of the songs I`ve learnd from your videos (Mountain Dew, Wreck of the old 97, John Hardy, Boil them cabbage down and so on). It works so good that we haven’ t to pay any beer at that evening 😉

Now I plan a Johnny Cash Banjo Project, in Germany the most people know no other folk or country musician :)
Now I have a problem, I sit in my living room hours and hours to find the notes of the guitar solo in folsom prison blues. but it doesn`t work, I don`find them. But I think this solo is an essential part of the song. did you know the notes or can you help me to find them…..

thankfull greetings

from the beautifull german, frisian North Coast