John’s Homework

Patrick banjo, Daily Frail

John wrote: Hi Patrick, Loved your ‘Wind in the Willows‘ video and thought I’d give it a try. It’s really difficult but a lot of fun. Here’s my first attempt Thanks again for all your help – looking forward to getting my paws on the blues CD


Patrick banjo

Mike writes: I need to increase my speed. Can’t find videos on how to increase tempo. I know, just keep playing and it will come but I want it now. Any secrets? Some of the shortcuts I have seen people take in the hopes of obtaining greasy fast speed have been pretty weird. One old picker advised me to eat fried chicken …

Bristol Prison Blues

Patrick banjo, guitar

Hi Patrick, As a response to the question from Tobias about how to play Folsom Prison, I have put a video on my youtube channel banjohopeful. I have not covered the solo as demonstrated by some of the very skilled guitarists on youtube but rather played a feeling of the melody which can be achieved by a normal human like me. …