Steve’s Banjo Journey

Hi Patrick!

Lookin’ forward to that second edition of How and the Tao. That first one really enriched my life. The weather comes and goes, people come and go, but my banjo seems to stick around. Can’t believe it has been seven years!

For fun, here’s my first banjo video. Back when I didn’t dare sing in public.

And here’s my latest – 3 new songs I’ve been writing and ironing out – maybe play ‘em at an open mic soon.

Hope you’re stayin’ warm out there!


5th day of learning banjo

5th day of learning basic frailing… I picked it up from Patrick Costello’s videos. Fluffing out melodies so I don’t go completely insane from hearing an endless open G chord while I get my dexterity up on the picking hand.

Goodbye Precious


Anybody who has visited us in Crisfield since the year 2000 has probably met Precious the dog. She had been Dear Old Dad’s constant companion for all of those years.

She even made a surprise appearance at the end of the jam session part of our first old-time banjo video.

Well, Precious is fifteen years old, and age caught up to her. She left us this morning.

Goodbye, Precious. We love you.

Havertown Baseball Team 1905

1905 baseball team
I got notes from a few people who were happily surprised to hear that I lived in Havertown, PA before moving to Crisfield. Yesterday’s news clipping wasn’t correct in calling me a Havertown native because we moved several times when I was growing up.

Anyway, the talk of Havertown and longing for warmer weather wound up being serendipitous because I just stumbled across this huge old cabinet photograph my grandfather gave me when I was little. My grandfather was a big sports fan and was always telling stories about paling around with Jimmy Dykes from the Philadelphia Athletics. I don’t know anything about the team or why my grandfather thought the picture was important enough to save, but it is a cool image of some rough and tumble boys of summer.