The Podcast That Needs A Name – Episode Eleven

Join Patrick and Dear Old Dad as they discuss the 1972 made for television horror epic Gargoyles, read another weird recipe from a country music legend and play their trademark mix of great music from all over the place.

Foggy Mountain Fakedown

I love seeing this.

I know that it seems hard to imagine now, but not too long ago people were convinced that it was impossible to play bluegrass tunes using the technique of frailing.

People talked about doing it and some professionals pretended to do it, but nobody was really making it work until I posted my first Foggy Mountain Fakedown workshop.

Now it is everywhere. Banjo students of all levels rip through the song and nobody blinks. What had been a song exclusive to fingerpicking banjo technique is now a frailing standard.

I am not ashamed of being proud about that.

Frailing Guitar

Hi Patrick, I hope all is well with you and yours. I’ve been watching your videos and spending time here on the daily frail for about a year and a half and want to thank you for the inspiration and passion about music you and DOD give out for free. You are a great teacher and your happiness is infectious.

I have been messing round with frailing on a guitar for a few months now in open tunings and I don’t know why I didn’t try standard tuning until recently but it seems to work with certain styles of songs.Here is my version of a Shakey Graves song ,please excuse the playing the voice and the guitar they are all pretty shoddy :). Thanks again

Dust Devil Sneak Peek!

Banjo weilding hard rockers Neuros Moonshiner have a new EP coming out soon. I am excited about this for a lot of reasons. I love the way these guys are bringing the banjo into rock.

You will also hear a bit of my voice in the mix of this new project.

The band has a short video out as a sneak peek. There are a few F-bombs shouted out, so don’t blast this at work.

Here is one of their earlier songs. I love the way the banjo just fits into the overall sound.