Baha Activation 2/4/14 at Johns Hopkins

As some of you remember, I had surgery on December 26 to replace my right BAHA implant and install a brand new BAHA implant on the left side of my head.

On February fourth Amy and I will be going back to Johns Hopkins so that my new sound processors can be attached to my head and turned on – a process that is going to give me something like stereo hearing for the first time since I was a child.

I am having shoulder surgery in January 28, and I don’t think I am going to be able to play my guitar when they activate my new hearing aids. We have some friends coming to help out by making music for me. A small army of musicians is following Amy, myself and Dear old Dad into Johns Hopkins and, once the hearing aids are activated, we are going to find someplace to jam a bit.

Since plans for the day are spiraling out of control like the Marx Brothers on a cruise ship we decided to go ahead and open up the invitations to anybody who wants to be part of the day.

It’s not about how good you play or anything like that. To put it simply, there are only so many times a musician gets his hearing back in a lifetime (this will be my second. Whoo!) and there are only so many times in a lifetime where you will be invited to take part in an adventure like this.

So meet us in Baltimore on February fourth. Bring your instruments and let’s make this a day to remember.

Call Dear Old Dad at 410 968-3873 for times and addresses.

7 thoughts on “Baha Activation 2/4/14 at Johns Hopkins

  1. I’ll be with you in spirit brother, and I’ll give Miss Trudy (That’s what I named your former banjo) and bit of a strum in your honour. Danny

  2. I learned how to play banjo from your videos and will always be grateful. So happy for you and will be frailin away in CO in your honor.

  3. I’m another anonymous Youtube student that can do a halfway decent clawhammer thanks to you generous donation of time and expertise. I’ll be there in spirit with you from Greenville, SC, let it ring out.

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