In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree

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Björn in Sweden writes: Hello! I am a beginner on the banjo and would love to play clawhammer. Have bought a banjo high quality and was wondering what you recommend for strings. I want the sound to be big and dark when I play along with guitar and piano. I do not play with a plectrum but with the nail. …

Dang Me

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Hi Patrick, Seems I’m running about 3 months behind on the lessons these days. Hah! I finally did something with the 3/4 time. I heard George Cessna’s cover of this Roger Miller song. Seems perfect for the banjo. Hope you like – it’s a sad song with silly lyrics. My cup of tea. -Steve

Johnny Borrell’s Banjo

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A few months ago, Johnny Borrell mentioned me in The Guardian. Apparently he had taken up the banjo and was watching me on YouTube. While it was cool getting a mention, the teacher in me has fretted ever since concerning how he is coming along with the old five-string. Not because of his pop-start status – that means little to me. …