Way Down in the Hole

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Alex writes: Hey there, In case you are interested I’ve done another video with my friend Jacqui Sampson. Way Down In The Hole. Over here on you tube! Hope you enjoy Very much looking forward to my first banjo lesson with Pat on Saturday!

Skype Lessons Update

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The response to our free Skype lessons has been just wonderful. http://www.dailyfrail.com/free-skype-lessons/ I am scheduling every day and even some weekends. Lots of new friends and pickers from around the USA, Canada, England and Scotland so far. It is a real pleasure to give folks a leg up on our beloved banjo. If you would like to join in just …

Deep Ellum Blues!

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Dorene writes: Just wanted to let you know that almost 6 years ago I started playing banjo with you guys. It has been a marvelous trip thanks to you and your lessons and so much encouragement that comes through on your lessons. I was a kid who skipped school on the days I would have to give an oral report …

In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree

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Bj√∂rn in Sweden writes: Hello! I am a beginner on the banjo and would love to play clawhammer. Have bought a banjo high quality and was wondering what you recommend for strings. I want the sound to be big and dark when I play along with guitar and piano. I do not play with a plectrum but with the nail. …