Steve’s Banjo Journey

Hi Patrick!

Lookin’ forward to that second edition of How and the Tao. That first one really enriched my life. The weather comes and goes, people come and go, but my banjo seems to stick around. Can’t believe it has been seven years!

For fun, here’s my first banjo video. Back when I didn’t dare sing in public.

And here’s my latest – 3 new songs I’ve been writing and ironing out – maybe play ‘em at an open mic soon.

Hope you’re stayin’ warm out there!


5th day of learning banjo

5th day of learning basic frailing… I picked it up from Patrick Costello’s videos. Fluffing out melodies so I don’t go completely insane from hearing an endless open G chord while I get my dexterity up on the picking hand.

How and Tao Second Edition

The Second edition of The How and the Tao of Old TIme Banjo is almost at the point where I can hand the manuscript over to Dear Old Dad for editing.

In addition to a lot of new and revised content, The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo Second Edition is also getting a new cover. It would mean a lot to me if some of you could take a moment and write two or three sentences about how the first edition helped you learn to play the five-string banjo to put on the back cover. Email your quote to this link. Be sure to add in a note saying that I have your permission to use your quote on the back cover.

A new edition of The How and the Tao of Old-Time Banjo! I can hardly believe it! 2015 is off to a pretty good start!