A new look for The Daily Frail (or) Are you ready for prime time?

Patrick and I are just about ready to launch a whole new look for The Daily Frail. There will be a section dedicated to new (or existing) products and services. This is a unique opportunity to share your message with our folks. We are looking for diverse and interesting subject matter covering a wide musical spectrum.

Contact me about your instrument, gadget, accessory, CD or book.
Remember, opportunity comes at you like a snail and goes away like a rocket.

For details and technical requirements contact me (Dear Old Dad)

phone: 410-968-3873
email ask.patrick@gmail.com

Peace to all,
Pat Costello (Dear Old Dad)





Sad Panda

Hi Patrick,

I thought you may be interested to see how your tuition on the Daily Frail has helped me write my first song on the banjo (my new Shackleton banjo too!).

This is called Sad Panda

Please keep up the good work and I’ll keep on frailing.

Thanks for the inspiration