What gives, baby?

Mike writes,

Patrick, several days ago, Dear Old Dad posted the fact that he, you and the doctors have to find out what the (heck) was going on with you. He asked us to pray for you because you’ve been having some weird and painful symptoms. Yet all we hear in the meantime is news of Invictus and Quinoa’s birthday. Shouldn’t there be some news of you? Your Dad said he’ll keep us posted, but all we hear of is a cat (albeit a beautiful one) and a hedgehog. What gives, baby

We never really got any answers from the hospital visits, so I didn’t know what to post.

Sometimes when you are in pain, perhaps especially when you are in pain, it is easier to focus on the little household things. I can play my guitar, thank God for that – but it will be months before my shoulder is healed enough for me to sit with the five-string in more or less normal banjo posture. The guitar is much easier and I am hoping to do a little project soon.

Then there is the neuropathy in my feet. not much to say on that except that I am in agony, the prescriptions don’t work and Amy and I are trying to find the right doctor and hold together while I deal with indescribable pain. It used to be once in a while, but now it is constant.

There are other little things. My old Mercury is stuck in Crisfield and with all the surgeries since October I have been pretty much stuck in our apartment. (I REALLY need a ride to get my car and see my folks!) It has been so long since I have been able to take a walk in the woods alone or sit by the banks of the Chesapeake I . . . well, enough of my troubles. I was getting along by positing pictures of my two little companions.

I will try to post less Dr. Doolittle and get some more work accomplished.

Than you for understanding.

God bless,


Another doctor visit today in the hopes of figuring out the cause of my recent onset of diabetic neuropathy pain in my feet. The specialist isn’t sure what is going on, but he was able to prescribe some meds to help manage the pain. With any luck I may be able to get some sleep tonight.

When we got home I decoded to make a nice home cooked meal for Amy. I haven’t been able to eat much lately, but it still is creatively rewarding to cook for the people I love.

Having even a slight break in the pain was enough to inspire me to break out my camera and have a little fun with Invictus and Quinoa. I truly am surrounded by blessings.