Free Skype Lessons

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That is correct. Patrick and I are offering Skype lessons at no charge to anyone who needs help with their frailing. Our goal is to offer an alternative to being locked into paid lessons where progress (or lack thereof) is controlled by someone with their hand on your wallet. It is our belief that the banjo is best taught by offering …

Finding Mississippi

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We had a hugely positive reaction to posting a story from The How and the Tao of Folk Guitar the other day so I decided to go ahead and keep posting some of my favorites. Today we take a look at how I got started playing country blues guitar . . . Finding Mississippi From The How and the Tao …

Clawhammer vs. Frailing Site Updated

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I have pulled some more stuff from the archives and added it to the collection posted on Clawhammer vs. Frailing. In addition to the infamous four-part essay that generated the site, Clawhammer vs. Frailing has become a sort of library of my favorite musings on the craft of making music. Some of my favorite essays in the collection include: To See The Elephant …


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Dear Old Dad and I really, really, really, really, really wanted to like the new Godzilla. Unfortunately, I think my version with the hedgehog was better. Banjo Godzilla vs hedgehog — Patrick Costello (@Dobro33H) May 23, 2014

Pictures From Banjo Fun Day 2014

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Mike from Bedford Banjo Shop sent some pictures his daughter took during last weekend’s shindig. I am still processing the banjo overload that was Banjo Fun Day 2014. There were a lot of people at the event and I am sure more pictures and insights from the day will be posted here and elsewhere in the coming weeks. I was …

Banged up in Bedford

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Dear Old Dad and I  arrived in Bedford, PA today to get ready for Banjo Fun Day. There is a lot of  excitement around town about the event and folks have been very friendly and welcoming. So welcoming, in fact, that one guy gave me an effectionate slug on the shoulder. . . My bad shoulder. I managed not to …


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Yesterday I noticed that my first book, The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo had received its 44th review on That was pretty neat.  As I noticed the number, before I even thought to see if the review was a positive or negative, I flashed back to 2004 when I got a call from a friend just …

The Katana

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I have been slow to release any images of the finished Patrick’s Banjo project simply because I needed time to take in the finished product. We jokingly call this banjo the katana for now, but it really has no name. The Somerset S1 and the Somerset S1P were production banjos – incredible production banjos – and as such they needed …

To Hug The Mountain

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I am about to a climb a mountain of my own . . . No I don’t tell all of you everything. Just wish me luck and don’t ask any questions. Why do I climb the mountain? Because I am in love.