Holi Happiness

Holi DC proved to be an amazing, life affirming and family bonding experience. ISKCON of DC did an amazing job of putting together an event that was not only fun and affordable, but also cultivated an air of kindness. That may seem kind of silly to say if you did not attend, but keep in mind that this event consisted primarily of complete strangers tossing handfuls of colored powder on each other.

You haven’t lived until someone has walked up to you, gently plastered your mug with a handful of bright orange powder while sweetly saying, “Happy Holi!”

At first I worried about my Nikon being damaged by the cornstarch-based colored powders, but in the end my desire to capture what was happening made me realize that my camera was just a tool. If it breaks at least it will die doing its job. I managed to get over 300 pictures while still taking part in the event, so it looks like the bandanna handkerchief I tied over the frame may have done its job. Time will tell.

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful event. The food was inexpensive and fabulous. The music was good. Best of all. as I have already said, people were kind. Amy and I will be back next year and we hope to see you there!


Another doctor visit today in the hopes of figuring out the cause of my recent onset of diabetic neuropathy pain in my feet. The specialist isn’t sure what is going on, but he was able to prescribe some meds to help manage the pain. With any luck I may be able to get some sleep tonight.

When we got home I decoded to make a nice home cooked meal for Amy. I haven’t been able to eat much lately, but it still is creatively rewarding to cook for the people I love.

Having even a slight break in the pain was enough to inspire me to break out my camera and have a little fun with Invictus and Quinoa. I truly am surrounded by blessings.

Waiting For Bluebells

bluebells at stone bridge in Manassas VA 2012

Bluebells at the stone bridge in Manassas, VA 2012

The bluebells are starting to bud along the riverbanks here in Manassas. Amy and I can’t wait for the explosion of springtime color!
We have taken a lot of pictures over the years, but you have also created some wonderful music inspired by the Virginia bluebells. We would love to hear what you create this spring.

Bumblebee in the bluebells by Amy Costello 2011

Bumblebee in the bluebells by Amy Costello 2011