My father and I have been teaching folk music on the Internet since the late 1990′s. Some of the material has been lost over the years because we never thought that anybody would want to see or hear what we were doing in 1998.

We were so much older then, we’re younger than that now.

Anyway, here is a collection of our old books, essays, podcasts and videos that have managed to stay online over the years.


Old Daily Frail Stuff:


Plain Text Workshops

Special Projects:


Audio Workshops:

4 thoughts on “How-To

  1. Hello! I would very much like to view the “frailing the blues” videos but they seem to be encoded (I can only hear a very distorted version). Can I pay a fee to get access? Many thanks for your great work. Christopher Field

  2. Been looking for your lesson TWO in frailing the blues… The archive has is up but the audio is funked up. I don’t have the computer or tv needed if I were to purchase your DVD… But could I possibly purchase an online version?? You rock Patrick! -Jamie new orleans

  3. Hi Patrick, just a note to echo what others here are saying. I have always loved the banjo and recently decided to learn. I have a great teacher here in the north of England, and I take lessons as often as possible. Your enthusiasm and passion for the banjo is so contagious though, and at the times I find myself getting frustrated or close to giving up, I only have to watch one of your tutorials to find myself re-enthused! I gather you are unwell, and hope you’re all better soon. You’re fabulous, and I hope you are continue to be so for a very long time. Thanks millions, Lisa.

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