Joel’s Homework

Joel writes:

Here’s my homework from you post of Feb 11.

I began playing by using your book The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo and still use it to this day. It is full of such wonderful music and instructional information I might never be finished learning from it! I remember when I first began, sitting on my porch trying to learn the basic frailing strum for hours and days on end. Eventually I got the hang of Boil them Cabbage Down and the rest was history. But to this day there is one song that reminds me of my journey so far and that’s Cripple Creek. Every time I play it all I see is that yellow cover of your book in my head! It reminds me of those very first steps I took with frailing banjo and how much I loved learning and still love to learn. So, here is Cripple Creek – my version of “About a Song”.

5 thoughts on “Joel’s Homework

  1. Great musicianship, rock solid rhythm, clear melody notes, nice voice, great tempo, and all about the song rather than the singer.


  2. That is a great posting and well played and enjoyed your slowed down explannation. You have given me some good ideas as I am at Cripple Creek in the “How and Tao” myself and trying to add some salt and pepper as demo’ed by Dear old Dad. I would be a very happy player indead if I can play Cripple Creek as well as you by this coming Christmas

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