Keys to the highway

As the old song goes: 

I’ve got the keys to the highway
I’m billed out and bound to go.
I’ve got to leave here runnin’,
’cause walking is much too slow.

I was wondering what to do for a post before I left for Europe.  There has been so much mail coming in lately from folks wishing me bon voyage, trying to get in a last-minute question or tell me about the bit in the Guardian the other day. When you pile that on top of getting ready for the trip of a lifetime  . . . well, it’s a bit overwhelming.

Well, I stumbled across a new video from the guy I posted about back on 9/13 at it struck me as a great thing to use for my last post until November.

With students like this I don’t have to worry about taking a vacation. You guys and gals are doing fine. Heck, better than fine!

Well, time to go. Take it easy on Dear Old Dad for the next two weeks. If you need to get a message to me the easiest thing to do is contact Wolfgang.

Did I pack my harmonicas? Better go check . . .

See you soon,

0 thoughts on “Keys to the highway

  1. Patrick,
    Ya’ll take care, have a good trip, and get it said! I will spend the time catching up on…stay away from the lutefisk, dude, and have a great time.

    Hey. Went to a folk pickers jam down at the 8×10 in Baltimore, sponsored by a BG band from your side of the bay yesterday…guys are from Chestertown, can’t recall the name. They had a real mellow attitude, and didn’t mind mentoring a bit with rank amatuers like me and my dobro ‘bro. Tell Dear ‘ol Dad I used a lot of stuff he showed me in the session to keep from falling off the back of the hay truck. Used a bit of stuff you showed me, as well… Great time!

    have fun, dude, and see you soon!


  2. 1. Nice little video (very yellow)
    2. Have a good trip
    3. I have ordered an A harmonica/moothy and will start to shave more often from now on to avert catastrophe. Have fun with yours.
    4. When you get back can you tell us what “Round Peak Style is”?
    5. THATDOOTB CD arrived today thanks :-)