Dang Me

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Hi Patrick,
Seems I’m running about 3 months behind on the lessons these days. Hah! I finally did something with the 3/4 time. I heard George Cessna’s cover of this Roger Miller song. Seems perfect for the banjo. Hope you like – it’s a sad song with silly lyrics. My cup of tea.

Johnny Borrell’s Banjo

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A few months ago, Johnny Borrell mentioned me in The Guardian. Apparently he had taken up the banjo and was watching me on YouTube.

While it was cool getting a mention, the teacher in me has fretted ever since concerning how he is coming along with the old five-string. Not because of his pop-start status – that means little to me. I think of, worry about and pray for all the folks who use our resources.

While it may seem goofy in this cynical age, I care. It’s who I am.

I did run across a nice piece in The Independent that starts out with Johnny giving his interviewer a banjo lesson: Johnny Borrell interview: Razorlight’s motormouth goes back to the day job

Johnny Borrell

The banjo lesson was a sweet start to a slightly mean-spirited article. I don’t know that much about Johnny, but it sounds like the press in his neck of the woods likes to give him a hard time. Bastards!

Anyway, a Google search doesn’t bring up much more about Johnny Borrell and his banjo. From what I understand, he is playing a bit of banjo in his live shows. If anybody out there has seen him could you please let me know how he is doing? I just want to know that he is coming along okay.