Old Foggy Mountains

Peter writes:

Hi Patrick! So happy to hear that you will be starting up the daily frail again.
Anyway, just wanted to thank you again for all of your instructional videos. I have been practicing and learning alot (especially now that I’m on summer break). I made this video of a tune that i’m working on writing and wanted to share! Thanks so much for all of your great teaching and passion. You’re an awesome teacher! Hope you’re doing well.

Red River Valley

Ian writes:

Hi Patrick and Pat,
I am really happy to hear that the daily frail is to return shortly :)
I thought I would let you know about my first play with a friend on fiddle. He is normally a classical violinist and didn’t really know the tune until the previous day. This video was taken on about the 5th take so Andrew is doing really well . We have not cracked the ending yet as you will see :)
The recording was done on the Scottish island of Tanera Mor in the Summer Isles. A place that has no roads or vehicles at all. We were probably the noisiest thing to happen to the island for years! Thanks to you both for your continued enthusiasm for frailing and music. It is due to you that I have got this far after about 18 months.

First Steps . . .

My brother in Spain writes:

Hi my brother,
Las sunday Maribel (our sister) come home to have coffe and her son (Carlos) pick up the banjo. I recorded this little clip and she took this picture.
Carlos and Carlos

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Do you want to play on the bay?

A local arts group is setting up a summer concert series at our new city dock.
They have asked us to help find some suitable talent.

If you would like to throw your hat in the ring get up with me asap.

Pat Costello (Dear Old Dad)