Terrence’s First Ditty

Hello Patrick.

I have been tinkering with the craft on and off, and just recently decided to really focus on practicing. I’d like to share with you my first ditty I wrote. It’s imperfect, but so far the best I can play. I promise I will keep practicing slowly with a metronome. Thank you for introducing me to clawhammer style. I’ve owned a banjo for a few years and completely lost interest attempting to learn three finger bluegrass style. I play guitar using my fingernails and picking patterns, but I got no enjoyment out of picking a banjo.

Happy frailing,

Picture of a lucky guy


A few months a go I got a package in the mail. That’s always cool because I love getting stuff in the mail.

Well imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found copies of my books starting back at me. I was confused for a moment but after unpacking everything there was also a letter, a package with return postage already attached and this picture.

The letter explained everything. The package was from the girlfriend of the young banjo player in the photograph. She wanted to give him signed copies of my books for a Christmas present.

So I did as the young woman asked, and included a few extra things and sent the package on its way. I am assuming everything got there because I never heard anything back.

Now that the holiday season is just about over I figured it was safe to tell the story, post the picture and add a note directed to the young man in the photograph.

Dear Mike,
When a girl goes to this much trouble for a guy, I hope and pray that the guy in question is wise enough to know how lucky he is.
Keep on picking, and take good care of her.
God bless,