The Podcast That needs A Name – Episode Ten

This week Patrick and Dear Old Dad play their usual selection of good music from all over the place, share yet another recipe of the stars, offer a quick banjo workshop on Bad Bad Leroy Brown and discuss the B-movie that launched the 80’s ninja craze: Enter The Ninja.

Good music, bad movies and lots of laughs in every episode of The Podcast That Needs A Name!

Sneak Preview of the New Book

book cover preview

Here is a rough draft for the cover of the new book. As the information on the cover suggests, there is a lot going on here in Crisfield. Dear Old Dad is doing the final edit and I am setting up the new website. It has been a lot of work, but I am loving every minute of it.

I am really excited about this.

I will be posting more details soon. We will begin taking pre-orders in about two or three weeks.

The Podcast That Needs A Name – Episode Nine

This week we take a look at the drive-in favorite Equinox, jam a bit on our banjos, share yet another recipe of the stars and play our usual blend of great music.

On a sad note, I said in the show that I thought Link Wray might still be kicking around. Sadly, he passed away back in 2005. He will be missed.

Brick Kiln Today

Took a break from work to spend some time with the gulls at Brick Kiln.

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Brazilian Banjo!

John in Brazil writes:


Thanks for all you do. I gave up on guitar a few years ago because I didn’t understand what I was playing and became tab dependent. After a few months of your banjo lessons, I can pick up on chord progression and melody by ear. I figured I needed to finally send you a sound file to say thanks. And yes I sing even if I don’t make the banjo sound any better.
On a separate note, I’m in Brazil. This is virgin country for banjo it seems. People don’t know what make of it but love to jam along on the guitar. Se cuida!


The White House Blues MP3