Just in case

This past weekend, Amy brought down my Dobro 33H from Manassas. Now that I am doing a weekly folk guitar workshop it just makes sense to have my favorite guitar here with me.

I love this guitar. While I tend to look at musical instruments as disposable tools and generally frown on the whole magic instrument song and dance, this instrument means a great deal to me. It was my first good guitar. I have spent so many hours with this Dobro that it feels like an extension of my hands.

Anyway, as I was putting a new set of strings on the old Dobro, Pooka kitten strutted over, climbed into the case, sniffed around for a bit, sprawled herself out and fell asleep.

As I watched her I realized that every cat I have taken care of for about thirty years has used this particular guitar case as a bed. It made me smile to realize how many hours I spent practicing guitar while Scruffty, Simca and now Pooka dozed comfortably in the red plush interior of that battered case.

I sang an old country song for friends here and gone while I wondered how more than thirty years can go by so quickly.

Pooka & Dobro case

Patrick's Dobro 33H



The Secret to Being a Great Artist

Stephen McCranie over at doodlealley.com has published a short comic entitled The Secret to Being a Great Artist. It is an incredible, beautiful, and intelligent piece of work that should required reading for any and every art student regardless of medium.

You can download The Secret to Being a Great Artist for free if you subscribe to Stephen’s newsletter. You can read the first few pages on his site, but I do not recommend that. In order to get the full impact and message of the story you really need to read it all in one go. So, do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just get over to doodlealley.com, sign up for the newsletter, wait patiently for the download link and when it arrives sit down with a mug of coffee or tea and read The Secret to Being a Great Artist.

Thanks to Cameron for the heads-up and, yes, the story is very similar to my own experiences meeting cool old dudes when I was starting out in music.After I read the comic I sat here for a long while remembering Tiny, Harmonica Joe and all of the other musicians who took the time to share music with a Dobro wielding delinquent out on the streets of Philadelphia.


For the first time in a long time I will be celebrating Thanksgiving in Crisfield with my folks.

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Amy is planning on driving down, which makes me indescribably happy because we have not seen each other in a while. We text back and forth, but I can’t drive up to Manassas and her work schedule makes the trip hard for her.

It is difficult being away from home, but I am getting stronger and healthier every day, so I know this is the right thing. That said, I ache just to see her.

So, we will be together. There will be joy. There will be feasting. There will be Thanksgiving leftover turkey sandwiches after the feast. There will be football (the American kind where the players wear padding). There will be Thanksgiving leftover turkey sandwiches for breakfast the next morning. We may even manage to wedge a Smith Island cake into the mix.

Most of all, there will be love.

This will also be Pooka kitten’s first Thanksgiving. The little monster isn’t exactly sure about the preparations, but  she is aware that a large turkey is in the refrigerator. Every time I open the fridge she leaps in and starts eyeballing the bird.

There is a terrible storm rolling up the East Coast tomorrow. I hope and pray all of you are safe with your loved ones. Together. Happy. Thankful.

Good night nurse……………..

Good night nurse……………..

The haters are at it again
Just more whining and bitching about Patrick
Same circus, same clowns
I hope Schlange is proud of his buddies
He always resorts to this when activity is low
I would like to talk to him about this ongoing savaging of my son, friend and business partner but he is probably as much of a coward as his sock puppets, toadies and sycophants. The posters are doing the dirty work but he is pulling the strings.

I do not believe we can stop this behavior. It is part and parcel of the internet in general and the fantasy world that is the hangout in particular. But maybe we can make them grunt a bit.

Here is a link to their current advertisers

Their money is supporting this shameful platform. Let them know that you will not patronize them as long as they are funding these people.

Here is a chance to do what is right
It only takes a minute and you never know – you may be their next target

Peace to all,
Pat Costello (Dear Old Dad)