Brian Carver Banjo Kit

Some basic frailing practice and a sound bite of the cool kit banjo being offered by Brian Carver.

I am really impressed with the design of this instrument. I think we are all lucky to meet Brian Carver at this early stage of his career. I believe that, years from now, he will be remembered alongside mountain style banjo makers of the past like Stanley Hicks.

This kit banjo is something that you can easily assemble, string up and play. This is not a banjo for cutting through jam sessions. This is a banjo that you can take with you anywhere and always have it handy. I think it is wonderful.

You can learn more about Brian Carver banjos at his web site:

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Four Million Banjos

It seems that we just passed another milestone. I was giving our YouTube stats a quick glance and I noticed that, as of this morning, our videos have been viewed 4,119,511 times.

Four million views. The number is enough to make me dizzy.

I thought it would be fun to mark this milestone by posting five of my favorite videos in the series:

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I really did run out into the rain just before filming this.

Because it’s hard to pick just five, here is one extra:
Weekly Workshop 11/25/07
Dear Old Dad gives a tenor banjo workshop while I fix the toilet.

These are my favorite videos at the moment. Post your favorites in the comments.

Thanks to all of you for being part of this amazing journey.

God bless,

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I Was A Deaf Musician

Update: 3/4/14 2:12 PM – less than a day and already 15,000 views! Thank you!

I wrote an article for BuzzFeed!

Rather than ramble on here about it, I’ll just sent you to the article:

Writing this was an amazing experience. The folks at BuzzFeed were very kind and professional.

Here is a video of my first BAHA being activated:


My Carver Banjo is Here!

A few days ago I posted about the new banjo kit being crafted and sold by Brian Carver.

My finished Carver banjo arrived today and I am really impressed. This is an amazing little fretless banjo. The design is beautiful and the tone is really good.

I will be posting a video with my new banjo soon. I want to let the strings stretch out and give myself a day or two to explore what this instrument can do. In the meantime you can watch this video of Brian putting my banjo together.

be sure to visit the Carver Banjo web site: